vlcsnap-2013-03-04-20h40m50s155Would you like more freedom to express yourself or to find your voice?  Are vocal issues affecting your life? Do you suffer from performance anxiety?
Whether you sing Pop, Classical, Opera, Jazz, Music Theatre Rock or are a Speaker, beginner or advanced, I seek to guide you to a way of singing or speaking that will give you the ability to express what you want to express in front of an audience or in the shower if you prefer.

I work with people to free them to sing from the heart, by improving all aspects of their technique. I can help with vocal health, flexibility, stamina and learning to sing and speak without strain. I may help you to have a strong, healthy voice that you will be able to rely upon for life. I can help you to find your Fach (voice type) so you know what roles to try or what key suits you best for a particular song. You may wish to communicate with commitment, passion, enthusiasm, or and sing in a musical beautiful way.  I can help you to be able to focus on what you are communicating, without having to worry about your voice. You may wish to sing like you speak or work from primal sounds. I use semi- occluded vocal tract exercises and elements of many techniques I have studied over many years. I feel inspired by my clients to find solutions for them.

Troubleshooting:  I believe vocal problem prevention is of the utmost importance, but sometimes remedial work is necessary. I can help you reduce habits that cause the voice to tire easily or not to function healthily. I work with clients with functional voice problems and psychogenic voice issues. Speeches and Presentations:  I can help your voice to be an integral part of inspiring a team or presenting with authority, impact, clarity and conviction.